sean wesley wood 'when it's cold and it's sunny.'
kanye west 'gold digger'
the clash 'jimmy jazz'
new kids on the block 'step by step'

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dinner for one under the moon light.
12:01 a.m. - 02.26.04

tonight was fun, but now my stomach doesn't like me much. too much coffee, and only a granola bar doesn't treat it well. we don't have any food i want to eat either. not even good apples. argh.

cute boys are ace, i think that's my moto.

i really need a job. i didn't go handing out my resumes either. there were adventures to be had, and that also means i didn't call josh AGAIN. i'm terrible.

i played with wax that had solidified on a table, covered with permenant marker. the feeling of cards, fresh on my finger tips. reminance of "three jacks!" and "bullshit!" fresh in my memory. looking around, avoiding eye contact scared if our eyes met, my face would change the same colour as my bright red jacket. not because you're cute, but the energy eminating off of you. the fur from my coat tickling my face if i moved it too far to either side, and leaning over yelling in ears to have conversations. plastic was swiped through machines as we walked outside, and had the cool wind blowing past our cheeks.

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