sean wesley wood 'when it's cold and it's sunny.'
kanye west 'gold digger'
the clash 'jimmy jazz'
new kids on the block 'step by step'

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i only listened to cj's tape on the bus.
8:16 p.m. - 02.03.04

that was the worst bus ride ever. i was upset, so i couldn't sleep. i half slept for about three hours, the bus was late. my mom got mad at me, i tried not to say anything, i walked away from her, caught the skytrain in a daze, and went to school. then i had to write my social exam, which i'm sure i failed, but i'm almost posotive i got about 80-100% on my english exam.

tomorrow i have bio and math10 to write. i can't study. i'm too dead. my plan to come home and nap turned into cleaning my room from about 3-8pm.

i cried on the bus, when i got to the bus depot, sitting here right now, and will most likely cry when i go to bed. i really hate being at home because all my mom and i do is fight. she says the 'only way she'll consider letting me move to calgary' is if i do some room and board thing with one of my friends. I'M GOING TO BE FUCKING 18! i don't understand her. she says one thing, and then changes her mind. i don't care what she says in the summer, staying here is not what i want. we faught about this a lot tonight.

i wanna call josh, but i know if i do he won't be able to understand what i'm saying through the sobbing. sorry i didn't say better goodbyes.

nothing good happened today. my mom didn't even pick me up a bus pass.

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